Discovering a Passion.

Dylan Heinkel: The Founders Dedication to Marketing Success

Why are you sharing your story?

Out most valuable asset is WHO we are, rather than WHAT we are. 


I wrote this page to give potential clients an opportunity to understand the mindsets and story that lay the foundation of Growth by Design's core values and motivations. My belief is that, how a person tells their story illustrates both who somebody is today, and who they strive to be in the future.

Our value stems from the fact that our clients can feel secure in having people, rather than a business, that they can trust. They are secure in the fact that they can always rely on open and honest communication from dedicated individuals that strive for their success.

This is a long story and this link is the only way back!

My Source of Dedication

A bit about me:
Family, friendships, and helping other succeed fill my proverbial cup.
I love nature, traveling, ideas, bonfires, drifting, friendly competition, sustainable farming, healthy living, environmental issues, home improvement and design, reading, writing, laughter and new experiences.
Most importantly, I love raising my daughter to experience the world with curiosity and love.

After my own business failure years ago, I could only imagine where I could have gone in building my PC repair business. Not only would it have changed my life, but it could have been a catalyst to financial freedom.


Who I am today is directly tied to the family I grew up in.

My father has had a successful sales career with Dun & Bradstreet Corp. For the past 34 years and through today, his passion and determination has been helping clients improve business performance through data, analytics, and insight, providing a seeding thought that may have been an early inspiration for Growth by Design.

My mother was a stay at home mom raising 8 children. Our household growing up was chaotic. Yet, throughout the chaos, we learned valuable lessons and we were instilled with morals and values that hold true still today. These values have inspired many different career passions. Personal training, social work, teaching, IT, small business, and even professional gaming.

In high school, my plan was to go to university for a Mechanical Engineering degree. While it would have served me well, I wanted to live the entrepreneurial dream. 

So... I spent most of my free time in my late teenage years, continually dabbling in one industry after another. Dreaming big, with no idea where I'd end up.


No matter the industry, my long term goals never changed.

At the risk of sounding corny, I know I wanted:

To work for myself

To travel

To help others

To live a life worth living

To build my own family

To inspire the next generation

To create the life of dreams

I am fortunate to have an absolute beauty of a woman by my side. A woman that helps me be the very best I can be. A woman that loves deeply and laughs often, even at my corny dad jokes.

She has blessed me with an amazing, beautiful little girl who is sharp as a whip and will probably run the world some day.


I couldn't be luckier than I am today.


Two major events in my life have made sure that I pay attention to the little things. To never take anything for granted and to make this life one for the ages.

At 16, I was thrown out of a moving vehicle at 60mph. After months bedridden and migraines to this day, I made a promise that I would love every single day more than the last. That I would serve others and help as many people live better.

Then, when my daughter Alice was born, God had one more lesson to teach.

A minor health complication, just a tiny blockage in one kidney ended up becoming a domino that lead to some of the worst months of my life. Far worse than my own pain after the car accident. Our brand new little girl encountered months of pain and discomfort. Dozens of hospital visits and doctors.

For over two months, momma and I spent our days in sheer dread and terror.

Today, she is on the other side...


happy, healthy, and sharp as a whip.

Why I Love Marketing Today - My First Client Success

Long story short...

a hard working man, in the same industry for 35 years, with an amazing family, was struggling to keep up with the change in today's markets.

He was ready to throw away a 35 year business because his customer base was gone. Online marketing gave me the opportunity to completely change the course of this mans life.


It was an absolutely beautiful and amazing thing to see.

Short story, a bit longer.

Early on in building Growth by Design, a good friend of mine was in dire need of some help. He was an older, experienced man that offered a clean, professional, and reliable ride service to the airport for both families and business professionals.

When companies like Uber and Lyft came along, their pricing and convenience caused him to lose over 80% of his business.

When he asked me for help, I wasn't sure if I could. I had only just finished my online marketing training programs and was building my business from the ground up. I hadn't launched yet.


This is going to be tough but I have to do something!

So... I got to work.


Building a growth plan was difficult. His business was extremely specialized (expensive driving service for airport taxi rides and chauffeur services), he had no website, no sales process, no online marketing or presence, all in an industry dominated by extremely cheap and convenient competition.


So, don't overthink it, run his business through the qualification and onboarding processes that I had been building for the last few months.


First things first, break down his value, his audience, where to find them, and how to drive them through his sales process.

What pains is he solving? What desire does he fulfill? Where do I find his target audiences online? How do I communicate his value to the right people in the right way? What do we want our audience to do exactly?


Who, what, when, where, why, how, check...

Step two, build his back end funnels, sales processes, business listings, etc.

The Website

Build him a professional website that demonstrates his value within the first few seconds of loading. Highlight his experience, credentials, professionalism, and reliability right on page one.

Set up a call to action in the right place to maximize conversions.

Set up his lead bookings to his calendar and help him with his sales process.

Used keyword research to maximize on site SEO

List his business in over 100 different directories, Google, Bing, Yelp, etc.

Set up an online review management system in order for him to start building 5 star reviews, boost SEO and boost credibility.

With everything in place, his rebranded business was ready to rock.

Some business would come in organically, but we need to legitimize him to google in order to maximize his organic reach. He needed business and traffic NOW.


It was time to implement our PPC campaigns.

Designed detailed PPC campaigns that:

Converts the people he wanted (airport and chauffeur) 

and none that he didn't (short, cheap rides. low PPC ROI)

Drive hot leads from google.

(We hit a few markets with extremely specific keywords)

Drive cold leads from Facebook.

(Offering a ride at half cost for 2+ hour chauffeur services) s able to find

Business began to pick up rapidly.

Soon enough, this failing business in a difficult niche was not only doing better, but he was starting to thrive. His services were more specialized than ever, resulting in more money made for less time worked.

"I have as much business as I did almost 20 years ago"

It was that sentence right there that changed my life.

Marketing was my calling and the money I was investing, the time and sacrifices that I was making, it was all going to turn out okay... I was on the right path.



From College, to Failing Entrepreneur.

Computers captivated me from a young age. After school, I would spend my free time playing around with the code and functionality of my computers. I loved to push their limits and see what they;re made of. At that time, I thoroughly enjoying learning to "hack" into my iPhones and test the limits of Androids.


In my senior year of high school, my computer class was testing out a new program. This program would offer advanced student an opportunity to spend the year studying for a real wold certification called the "CompTIA A+ Certification".


This was my opportunity to take my knowledge "to the books", and give me an opportunity for employment after high school.

I couldn't pass it up.

After high school, I decided to go to a community college, work full time, and earn a transfer degree. With that transfer degree, I would attend USF for Mechanical Engineering. So, I got a job at a local Office Depot in their PC Repair and Sales department. I worked there full time while I attended St. Petersburg College.

A few months before graduation, Office Depot cut our sales and repair commissions by 75% company-wide.


I realized that I had an OPPORTUNITY.

It was time to put my knowledge to the test and start my own IT business...

I quit my job and pursued "The NearbyTechGuy" full time.


Business was GREAT. Cold calling businesses and landing sales. Going above and beyond for my clients earned repeat business and referrals.


Soon enough, I was BOOKED. 

I gave my clients all the tools they needed to maintain their computers themselves. I trained them on maintenance and avoiding problems. I set them up with automatic PC optimization techniques and installed better programs and REAL anti-virus software. I coached and saved my clients THOUSANDS.


By the time I was finished, my clients understood their technology the way an insider did... they were set up for life.

It only took a year and a half until things started going south.

I was doing less and less services every day. My strategies for growth were failing and my service volume was declining FAST.

I had already tried all of the local newspapers, the community updates, coupon books, fliers, cold calls... if it was local offline marketing, I tried it.

I went all in on this IT business and I was on a collision course with failure.

Hindsight is 20/20.

I spent my free time continuing to build my expertise and skill-sets.

I spent all my time making sure that I understood my clients and that I understood my industry.


I didn't spend enough time learning online marketing.

I had no process for Online Customer Acquisition.

Discovering Marketing.


In order to save my business, I realized that I had to learn Digital Marketing.


I bought courses, discovered resources, and read articles.

I dedicated every waking moment I had to figuring out how to fix my business.

Funny enough, it was during this time that I began to discover my passion for marketing. The creativity, the complexity, and the effect it can have on a businesses drew me in like a moth to a flame.

I figured there was no way I could break into an industry as complex as this...

The more I learned, the more that I realized how little I knew.

By the time I started to become comfortable with the industry and started testing advertising strategies, it was too late.

I didn't have the money to grow my business and I didn't have the skills to it grow fast enough


The NearbyTechGuy had to be shut down.

I poured my heart and soul into this company.

The sting of a failed business was indescribable.

I wasn't going to let this keep my down.

I have thousands of dollars in training and certification courses on online marketing. I have a curiosity and a drive like I've never had before.

I knew marketing was my future and I was going to take advantage of that.

But, I need money.


Making the Move to a Temporary Industry

I heard about the money making opportunity in the car sales industry and there were 15 dealerships within 20 miles of my house. I decided that to be my next step. The opportunity was there. For some reason I was worries about people thinking of me as a "sleazy car salesman"

That was a bit of a naive thought to have.

In reality, it's a very respectable career. It takes a lot of work, metal fortitude, and dedication to do well in the industry.

I was fortunate enough to land a job at a large Toyota dealership.

Some dealerships out there can be sketchy, but fortunately enough for me, our large, competitive Toyota dealership was clean cut and ethical.

We had to be the best of the best in order to capture our market.

The job was enjoyable. The people were great. It was an an eye opening experience of applied sales strategies and learning the "back end" of car sales.


However, the industry was not conducive to a family.

60 hour work weeks. One weekday off. Lack of stability. Internal stress. etc.

The worst part was, working Growth by Design on the side wasn't feasible time wise.


A Dedication to my Own Transformation

Marketing. The very strategy that closed down my IT business.

The devil that crashed my entrepreneurial spirit.

Marketing was my ticket.

It was my ticket to living my dream life. My ticket to making a difference in others' lives. It was an industry where I could love what I do and achieve financial success.

I made the decision to dedicate myself to my dream job.

I dedicated every ounce of my soul into becoming a marketing expert.

I dedicated as much time inside and outside of work to becoming an expert.

I would listen to podcasts in the car, read articles in the toilet, study my butt off on the car lot blacktop asphalt in the Florida summer.

I invested in training programs, I met with industry professionals, and passionately learned from every resource I could get a hold of. I even went as far as pretending to be a client for an established agency so that I could peek into their processes and strategies... (sorry guys, I kept it brief)

I built my sales scripts, my processes, my motivational posters, built partnerships, secured mentors and industry resources and everything else that I would need to build my success and build the success of others.

With the woman of my dreams by my side and my little girl coming into this world,

I was ready.

It was time to build our future.

I dotted my T's and crossed my I's

and put the petal to the metal


Today, I couldn't be luckier to work in this industry.

I love what I do, I provide other people with their success, I provide myself success.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Marketing has completely changed my life,

my job is to leverage it to change yours!

I hope to talk soon!

-Dylan Heinkel​

P.S. This is my little girl, ain't she somethin' else?