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Online Customer Acquisitions and Scale

Secure the sale before the first conversation

The strategies necessary to generating high value clients online...

Strategize and develop a strong OFFER

(ex. offer free content for contact info. Remember WHIFF... What's in it for ME??)

Build VALUE (to gain trust and interest),

combined with the right COMPETITION STRATEGY

(position yourself in your market, manage perceptions and drive customers intent),

deliver it to the right PEOPLE (those who need you),

at the right TIME in their buy cycle (ready to convert),

while positioning your SOLUTIONS

(provide a transformation - solve problems and provide desires relative to the market)

with CLARITY (removes fear and confusion about your services)

and with CONVENIENCE (they need to know what to do NEXT and make it easy)

while making sure that your online BUYERS JOURNEY is optimized and comprehensive

(funnels, retargeting, emails, follow up, etc)

Traffic Generation: Only Half the Battle

Traffic generation is an extremely important step in high value lead generation.

We won't be covering traffic generation here today, ask us about our webinar.

Traffic doesn't drive conversions,

it is your messaging and the buyers journey that will dictate online success.

PEOPLE - Organic and paid advertising strategies can offer extremely TARGETED traffic.

This traffic will encounter the rest of the strategies before they become a sale

TIMING - With the right organic or PPC strategies, you can position yourself at the right point

WITHIN the buyers journey which will increase the probability of a conversion.

This is also your opportunity to run campaigns with different objectives

Your potential audiences are all in different stages of a purchase.

Some of them may currently be researching a solution, or looking at your competition, trying to learn, or maybe they don't even know that they want your service yet.

PPC marketing through Facebook, Google Ads, Display Networks, Bing, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. is a great way to do this.


Now that you have the right people vising your webpage at the right time in their buy cycle,

we need to make sure that we are fighting the rest of the battle.

If we approach these areas with tact, the traffic that you generate won't just be traffic.

They'll be sales.

Value, Messaging, Solutions, Clarity, Journey, Ease and Competition Strategies

To clarify these things, ask yourself...

What pains can I solve? What desires can I fulfill?

When a potential client lands on my webpage, how did they find me and why are they here?

With each traffic source or market that I tackle, how can I cater my webpage to THEM specifically?

Lets dive a bit deeper into these strategies...


When you offer your audience value that pertains to them, they will see you as a friend and confidant. Somebody that listens to their struggles and offers quality advice and/or nice freebies.

Free content can include: guidebooks, discounts, articles, webinars, trainings, phone calls, etc


Copywriting and design around your messaging is how we manage PERCEPTION. The messaging we deliver here will gain trust and it will allow you to dictate the clients intent.


Instead of providing ___ as a service, you are actually solving ___. This will frame you, not as a business, but as a solution. Each of your potential markets have different problems and different goals. Cater your solutions to each markets motivations, and they're more likely to buy.

For example. 

A mortgage company doesn't sell mortgages. They may sell ease of use, special interest rates, low income approvals, a trusted service partnership, etc.

Ultimately, they sell homes. (Refinancing is selling money)

Chiropractors don't crack spines, they improve quality of life for x, y, and z.

Bitcoin account managers dont invest. They provide an ROI.


People need to know WHAT you offer, and HOW you're going to help THEM. If this isnt clear, it's much easier to simple continue browsing online. We are fear based creatures that are terrified of the unknown. People will do anything to avoid salespeople and talking on the phone. Clarity will pre-sell clients so that by the time they call, they're ready to buy.


Coming back to fear... If a client doesn't understand what to do next, or if "next" sounds difficult, time consuming, or like a waste of their time, they wont convert.

The easier and faster a conversion can happen, the better.


The right traffic strategies will be able to target each stage in the buy cycle and drive each of your targeted markets through a journey that ultimately leads into your wallet.

Buyers Journey:

This is where it all comes together. It's where your funnels, advertising strategies, messaging, emails, phone follow up, campaign strategies, and the strategies above all come together as a cohesive journey.


Scaling and growth occurs when...

1. Your internal processes are ready for the extra clients.

2. You have methods of reaching TARGETED markets with TARGETED messaging

3. You have the right sales journey in place that will provide you with pre-qualified leads

4. You expand your traffic generation strategies at scale



Our job at Growth by Design is to help you clarify your offer and get it in front of the people who need it. We give people a reason to convert and guide them in doing so.

We will use every tool at our disposal to drive the best results your markets can provide.

Scalability happens in 3 steps:

✅ Maximizing market penetration ✅
(Frame your services and value propositions with tact and strategy, maximizing a "yes" in every step of the customer journey. Find the right people at the right time. Leverage buyer psychology to build trust. Dominate organic and paid traffic)

✅ Segmentation and scalable customer acquisition systems ✅
(Sell your your favorite service to your favorite client types consistently and reliably. Lead each service audience through their own journeys. Map the customers psychological journey and map your webpages to create flow. Low commitment and high commitment funnels. Money in money out PPC and Enterprise level SEM)

✅ Synergize automations and processes ✅
(Less work and more results. Better cross channel communication. Clear stats. Automate social and email campaigns. Lead scoring. CRM integration.
Long term remarketing from first touch to repeat purchases, reviews, referrals, and social sharing.)


PPC Lead-Gen

Three Stages of Driving PPC Success

Stage 1
Strategic Implementation

Define services that you wish to promote and define exactly who you want to purchase... Identify potential marketing strategies and service growth potential.


Research your industry, your audiences, demographics, and analyze your competition.

Once the numbers and strategies have been clearly defined, begin strategic implementation.

Stage 2
Optimization and Scaling

Using analytics and optimization techniques, pinpoint and develop both short term and long term PPC marketing strategies.

Stage 3
Long Term Success

Continue analyzing, optimizing, and restructuring your campaigns for optimal returns every single month.


Ensure that you are building and maintaining different types of contact points with your leads and community for long term sales cycles and for repeat business


 Increasing Conversions and your Prices through

Value and Diversification

Sales is a wide ranging subject, but you only need to know one thing...


No matter the industry, every business does one of two things...

Satisfy a pleasure or eliminate a pain

We are HARD WIRED to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

In fact, the very first step that Growth by Design takes in driving results for our clients is to identify their USP (Unique Sales Prop.) and figuring out how we can position them within their market for optimum success.

Increase Price AND Conversions

Transactions occur when value EXCEEDS price.


If you were to increase your price, would you lose business?


If the answer is yes, it's time to re-evaluate the VALUE that you provide


Being the cheapest service on the market will bring in sales, no question.

However, these sales only come to be after a cost benefit analysis done by the consumer.

They believe that they are able to acquire the same amount of value for a lower price. They are happy with "good enough". Show your consumers why your service is different.

Why "good enough" isnt good enough.

Show them that you are providing more value than the other guy and adjust your price accordingly.

Diversifying yourself from your market in this way is the best strategy to charging more and selling more at the same time. You just have to find a way to communicate this idea online, effectively.

Let's look at Toyota as an example here.

Their cars are typically the most expensive in their class, with the least amount of features, and shortest warranty!


However, they have been one of the best selling car brands, not only in America,

but across the world, for over 50 years.




It's because their cars not only satisfy their market's desires, but most importantly, they solve their market's PAINS. They provide a VALUE that other brands can't provide.


Their target markets understand that buying a Toyota means that their car will not break down, their car will be cheap and easy to fix, and when it comes time to sell their car, depreciation was minimal.

That has been their USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for over 50 years!


In fact, American car companies have recently stopped the production of many small and mid sized cars because they simply couldn't provide the same value as Toyota or Honda could.


Think about that. American cars, being sold in America, to Americans, were completely taken off the market because they simply couldn't hold a candle to the value already being provided.

Price doesn't matter in your target markets eyes. VALUE does.

Ask yourself a few questions...

What do people REALLY want from my services?

What can I offer that will deliver on those desires?

What value can I provide that outdoes or does differently than my competition?


Don't forget the biggest question of all, how does my business mitigate fears and drive desire?

Here's a quick mental exercise to get the gears flowing...

Use this section to stimulate ideas for your own business!

Mitigate a Target Market PAIN, satisfy a Target Market DESIRE.

ps. These ideas are by no means comprehensive

Lawn Care

In an industry with a ton of competition, and not much diversification...

how could one charge more money while also selling MORE lawn care services?

All we have to do is define what VALUE their lawn care company provides and extrapolate from there.

Keep homes looking and feeling clean and organized.

Save the homeowner time, sweat, and equipment costs.

Keep the HOA at bay.

Keep homeowner reputation in check.

If they offer landscaping, there would be a whole suite of benefits and value provided.

Taking these benefits, a lawn care company could then extrapolate from there and use those points to create an offer people can't refuse. People will believe their service to be of more value even if they are offering the exact same service as the next guy.

Instead of charging $50 per month for simple service. They could charge $200/month for a reliable company to guarantee a fresh, clean, beautiful looking lawn no matter the season and no matter the cuts. Best looking lawn in the neighborhood all month long.

With edging, weedwacking, clippings clean up, the whole 9.

Could you imagine if a company like this had other high ticket services available to pitch such as a gardens, stoned in areas, trees, etc.?

They've already established credibility as a high dollar, high value service.

So... offering an even higher dollar, higher value service will be even easier!

See, when you provide value instead of a service, you are tapping into the emotional motivators of your clients. Provide something that they won't find elsewhere. Help them FEEL your service.

Let's do this for another business:

Health Services (Chiropractic, Dental, Acupuncture, Wellness, etc)

These services are build around solving a LITERAL pain. These pains are overwhelming for their patients. Because of this, certain markets would pay big money to get their pain resolved.

Let's begin with identifying the target audience and their pains,

(back pain, toothache, hair restoration, etc)

How does your service TRANSFORM those pains and BENEFIT their life?

(Attack your back pain with a comprehensive stretching and adjustment program)

Create a sales funnel that will get in front of potential clients and gain their attention.

(Ad Service, Ad Copy, Landing Page, Conversion Strategy, LTF, Avoid TOS and Regulations)

Now, with the conversion process implemented, targeted traffic will CONVERT!!


High Ticket Entrepreneurs

"What exactly is high ticket?" you might ask. High ticket services are services provided to individuals or businesses that provide massive value at a high price. In order to justify spending money on a high ticket service, you must offer something that really taps into a clients fears or desires. The best way to offer a high ticket service is by framing them as a transformation. Solve major problems and guarantee them. There are thousands of lawn care companies, but far less ourdoor remodeling companies. Keeping a property orderly is one thing, but having a highly skilled professional draw up a design and implement a completely different look to your home is another.

Ask yourself this. What are the deep rooted reasons people use my services?

​What are the true reasons for an individual to use one service over another?

How can I tap into these answers and make sure that I can provide insane amounts of value and offer some kind of complete transformation of their fears and desires?

People pay big money for solutions. Find your solution. Find your clients. Charge the big bucks.

How can I become High Ticket and What's the Process?

The best way for us to illustrate the process is to use an example.

Discovering the WHY of your High Ticket Services.

Personal Training.

This is by no means a real world scenario. Use this story to understand your potential opportunities in becoming a high ticket, scalable, success.

Whether you're thinking of a transformational coaching program or an online video training program, this story may inspire you.


A typical personal trainer will charge $75/hr, GENERALLY, at client discretion. Clients have the option to show up one or twice a week. Disappear for a few months. Come back, train more often etc etc.

This leads to unpredictable income and one strained business owner.


What if...


instead of this trainer scraping by an hour at a time,


they charged $2,500 as a 6 month transformation?


they created a $997 online training program that could scale nationwide... worldwide even?

or maybe...

they only work with clients on a $1,000 monthly retainer?


That's impossible right?

Continue reading to discover what it takes to identify and sell a high ticket service.

The first step is to identify a STRONG PAIN. (maybe desire, but, believe it or not... people avoid pain far more than seek desire)


Put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience.

What pains do personal trainers solve?

Embarrassment, social pressures, energy, lifespan.

What if you have a wedding coming up in 6 months?

What would it be worth to you to look youthful, fit, and healthy as ever for the wedding?

Does your partner want the same results?

You would do anything for maximum results guaranteed.

Maybe you're ready to kick-start your life of health and wellness.

You don't want to die young. You're tired of the lack of energy, the extra fat, the difficulty of gaining muscle.

You just want it DONE.

You're tired of all the conflicting information.

You don't have the time to read up on and learn everything in the industry.


You need a strategy to kick-start this new life, and you need a strategy to keep your health going for the rest of your life.

You've tried to do it yourself, but the dedication and knowledge make it seem impossible to do alone.

How much would it be worth to TRANSFORM your life?

The Funnel

Again, picture this from the eyes of the person that "needs" this transformation.

They come across a professional on Facebook that specializes in solving exactly the problem they NEED to fix. This expert is the solution to their fears and can attain their desires.


This industry expert is offering a free e-Book for a limited time covering the everything you need to know to solve _____ (maybe diet guides, exercise guides, home routines, supplement guides, etc).


All you have to do is enter an email and the guide is on the way.


This personal trainer now has the information of a potential lead that is interested in their services and can advertise to them in the future.


They are now offered a $20 e-Book that will solve their desires one step further. Everything you will ever need to know to live a healthy life.


They think : "Wow, that's a bargain."


Maybe they buy, maybe they don't. Either way the trainer has their information and their trust.


They can now offer a service that is the COMPLETE SOLUTION to their problem.


They offer two high ticket solutions.

The first solution...

A $497 complete training program that completely encompasses their problems.

Guarantees are offered, one on one phone time with THE EXPERT etc etc.


Applying this training is all up to them. They have have all the tools now to make their own transformation.

The problem is, most people are lazy. They get busy with work and kids and they get complacent. They don't have the time or energy to do all this themselves.


They want this more than anything.

They're scared that they'll fail again.
Now its time to REALLY show them how to solve their problem.


Closing the High Ticket Offer

(apply these ideas to your industry!)



(transformation for a wedding, become a better person, lose baby having weight and stretch marks, etc etc etc etc. )

Is a transformation worth $2,500?


Maybe this client has already tried all this themselves.

They've even invested in equipment and training before.


the few hundred dollars they spent on these things is no big deal.

Losing that money without achieving results is no big deal.

A couple hundred dollars doesn't inspire accountability.


If this client paid $2,500 for the program, you can be darn sure that they'll be accountable.


The question is,

Would the right client pay $2,500 for a system that will provide him and his wife a complete life transformation?

YES! Of course they will!

Will everybody?



We don't want everybody, we want the BEST clients we can find.

The HOW.

People are more informed than ever. How becomes the next step to closing the deal.

What can this trainer provide that will justify the money that they're charging?

- You get to work with an EXPERT that will work for YOU.

- An expert in providing exactly what you need, they specialize in getting people like you from point A to point B.

- The trainer holds you ACCOUNTABLE for RESULTS

- Are you going to spend $2,500

You're ready to COMMIT to a RESULT

- You have a chance to learn the trainers industry, their skills, and their knowledge.

- You now have complete guidelines to easy meals, cheap/healthy  shopping strategies. Meal guides. Building muscle guides. Losing fat guides. Exercise at home or in the gym. Staying healthy in old age. Etc Etc.

- Personalized strategies build for YOU

They even outline a GUARANTEE!!

Payment plans are offered and certain money back guarantees are in place that

protect both the personal trainer and the client.

The trainer outlines minimum results, expected results, potential results.

Well dang, even the minimum is awesome, but I could (potential result) ?!?!?!?!

You now have what it takes to live the rest of your life healthy and well.

The lesson here is...





Reach out to us with your ideas and we may just have the insight you need to change your life.