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Let's Start with General Info about the Lexus SC430 (New: $63,000)

Afterwards... we'll talk about this one in particular and why you wont find another like it.

I've driven a lot of cars. You can't touch this cars value for under $40k. Bold claim eh?

No it's not.

THE LEXUS SC430 - A Value Breakdown

Hardtop Convertible

No convertible fabric wear. Easy to maintain, great soundproofing. More “solid” than a softtop. It's in amazing shape on this car.

Absolutely silent ride with the top up.


Comfortable conversations with the top down at highway speeds



One of the best v8s ever produced. The smoothest, well balanced, long lasting engines ever built. Can easy handle a tune and a turbo if you wanted. 

Pressing the petal feels like you’re in a spaceship entering hyper-drive. 

The transmission is BUTTERY smooth and it is bulletproof.



Seats are as comfy as they get. Beautiful leather. Classy wood paneling. The White Gold Pearl paint perfectly compliments the Saddle Brown Interior. 

The ride is dead silent. The suspension is whimsical but tight


The Drive

The steering wheel is nice and “heavy” which makes it FEEL LIKE YOU'RE DRIVING some kind of a heavy machine or a boat. Yet it moves like water and feels so light on the road.

Gives you the visceral feel of driving along with cross country comfort.

The seating position for driver and passenger is perfect with amazing visibility.


On top of that, you’ll never get tired of the way that this car drives.

This is the best Sports Coupe EVER MADE



This car is heavier than a typical "sports car" and it is built like a tank. This car is PLANTED to the ground. This means safety for you and your passengers.

Heavy chassis, metal body, modern crumple zones and a stout stance.



You don’t find reliability with luxury car manufacturers. Except Lexus!

Lexus is the #1 most reliable car ranked by J.D Power, Consumer Reports, and many more!

More reliable than Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Ford, Chevy.

Certainly more reliable than any luxury manufacturer on the market.


Plenty of SC430s have over 350,000 miles and are still running strong.



This car is one of the best rated cars OF ALL TIME on Edmunds, etc etc

Frequent 9.5/10 with THOUSANDS of reviews.

If you like to have an online community, this community is dedicated. They are typically mid aged men who have driven every car under the sun and love to talk about it.

Youll also come across tuners and racers who love the car.

As well as women and families who daily drive the car for 200,000 miles +

Class and Status

I'm not one to care much about this typically. But as much as I try not to care...

It's hard not to feel like you have it driving this car.

People treat you like you have money.

You will turn heads EVERYWHERE you go.

Even amidst supercars and sports cars, the SC430 (especially this color combo) TURNS HEADS.



You will not find another car that will hold its value, hold its reliability, timelessness, class, form, engine power, social status, elegance and function as this car.


Don't take it from my mouth, the internet agrees!

Post #1: Performance


I am getting a little tired reading posts about the lack of performance of the SC simply because Lexus makes cars that you can barely tell are running or moving because they are so smooth.

Here is a list of cars that hit 60 within about a half second of an 02 SC430. They are all new cars tested by R&T. Several of them are not as fast as the 02 SC430
1. Acura TL
2. Aston Martin Vantage V8
3. Audi A4, A5, A6
4. Dodge Challanger RT
5. Ford Mustang GT
6. Honda S2000
7. Jaguar XF Supercharged
8. Mazda RX8
9. Nissan 370Z
10. G37

If we look at cars that we only give up a second to, the list includes

1. E550 Coupe
2. Porsche Cayman
3. Shelby GT500KR
5. Maserati GT
6. M3 Sedan

Not too shabby at all for a nine year old car


Post #2: My personal favorite (From the same thread above)

You'll read similar reviews all over the web. There are hundreds of enthusiasts that wouldnt trade their SC430 for ANY OTHER CAR ON THE MARKET:

It took me from 1947 to 2008 to get over the need for speed with its gravity inducing cornering in a powerful car. Until then, I favored that kind of visceral feel while driving in much the same way as I needed caffeine stimulation in a cup of coffee after arising from a night's sleep.

Before that day in 2008, my eyes always gravitated to a car that looked as if it were being held back by a chain while the engine's deep-throated roar was sounding like music in my ears. You know what I mean, I favored a low, sleek and angry looking sport's car champing at the bit to a car that only had plush interior appointments.

My attitude changed in 2008 when I saw an SC430 parked alongside my car. To my eyes the SC not only met my visual criteria of a hot sport's car but it SC excited me with its evolutionary look of elegance in design.

My senses really began to race when I looked at the SC's interior. Geez Louise! This car had a great looking control panel, rich leather and stunningly beautiful wood paneling. I had never seen as many of these kind of attributes in other roadsters or convertibles.

I sat in my car until the owner returned to his SC. When he raised the roof to protect against a falling drizzle, I nearly fell over. Closing the SC's roof was a “bit” differently then when I put up the rag on a former convertible. When he turned over the engine its deep purr brought a smile to my face.

I sat there for a few minutes after he drove away and then rather than drive to my home, I traveled to close by Lexus dealer to take a test spin in a SC430. One month later, I had a new SC in my garage.

In my opinion the SC430 may look like a sport's car but it is not a sport's car; it is much, much more. I have related my opinion about the SC in previous posts. However, here is the gist of what I have said:

The SC is elegant, refined with a timeless design crafted to move effortlessly at any rate of speed. Its engine broadcasts a rich purr at all speeds. It is a car that sedately transports in buttery smoothness all the while enveloping its occupants with luxury. It would be reducing its overall ambiance to relegate to that of a sport's car.

In my opinion, it is and does things better than any other car in its class.

Does the SC handle like a sport's car? No. It handles more comfortably and I think more safely. Does it go as fast? Yes and no. It is no Corvette off the blocks but accelerates rapidly enough to enter on-ramps with vitality and to travel the interstates as fast as or faster than any sport's car I would opt to own.

Lastly and most subjectively, does it stack up in “looks” with other cars? In my eyes, it is drop-dead gorgeous and far more beautiful then any convertible, roadster, coupe or sedan in its class.

Of the sixty cars I have owned, I consider the SC to be the best as well as the final car I will ever own..

Post #3: It's a Dream

Four months ago I bought a used (9,000 mi) SC430. I had been driving an SC400 for 10 years (130,00 miles!). That car was great - best I ever had. (in fact at the last minute I kept it for my wife and traded in her 53,000 mi Infinity!). Anyway, the 430 is awsome. Art in motion. Fantastic design - looks great as a hardtop, looks great as a convertible. Drives like a dream (especially with my new NON-RUN FLAT TIRES!). A real head turner - everyone comments. You WON'T be sorry!

Post #4: They last forever

just passed 165k on an 03 i bought w 148k on it. Just had transmission flushed, new back rotors, wheels balanced, new spark plugs. Runs like a dream.

Just did big sur Route 1. Drove 1900 miles on this roadie w 1700 of those top down. Most fun i've had in a car ever...driving at least. Runs beautifully for a high mileage car.

Also own an 03 4runner with 195k that runs great as well.

Post #5: Rare and Better than a Porshe 911

In my opinion the SC 430 is the best all around choice you can make for the price. I came out of a Porsche 911 and a year later in the SC I have no complaints at all. Just finished a 1500 mile trip to Florida. 9 hours in the seat gave me a great ride, good tunes and in total comfort.

Reliability has been first rate and same with the dealer in fixing tire problems recently.

You do not see many of these due to the production volume of 7000 units per year. My SC draws stares and raves everytime it is out.

Buy it and you will be happy. Suggest you buy one from a Lexus dealer just for the added insurance that it has been taken care of and ask to see a nationwide printout of the service of the car. The lead Tech told me these engines will last for 300,000 miles without any major refurb.

Post #6: Another enthusiast

I had them replace the trunk shocks under warranty since the trunk didn't pop up the way it should like when new. I run mine with mobil one synthetic oil. Even smoother and more powerful... when it was already fantastic and smooth...

This car is excellent!!! Pure perfection. And you can get a golf bag in the trunk if you take out your driver and 3 wood and lay them in first. Then put two more sets on the back seat. What can I say, the interior is so fine, high quality and beyond compare. The paint job is very thick... compare the paint job to the cheaper Luxury japanese competitors. The german cars are unreliable... The only car that might be slightly better and maybe not for reliabilty and longevity is the new Mercedes SL450... but for 100K - I'll keep the difference in price...

It's two different cars... A very powerful, luxury high quality roadster coupe and an awesome fun, beautiful refreshing open air vehicle.  ---- BUY THE SC430!!!!!

I would like to hear if anyone has a good solution for an inflateable spare that takes up minimal space or a reliable tire flat repair system

My Story with this Car

I had just started at a job selling Toyotas. Driving a 240,000 mile Ford Expedition

(Best investment I ever made). But with money in my pocket, I couldn't wait to upgrade.

I knew I wanted a sports car of some sort.

I grew up riding ATV's so I needed something that fit a few criteria.

1. Convertible (Be out in nature on a vehicle like an ATV)

2. Powerful and fun to Drive (I love motor vehicles of all kinds)

3. Reliable (Don't want to spend a fortune and want something for 10 years)

4. Not a "douchy car" pardon my language.

5. Under 30k

I searched for months. Mustangs were in the running but a bit douchy and overplayed.

BMW 328 was a close contender. Too many expensive mechanical issues.

Same with the Mercedes SLK

Porshe is compared often but IMO isn't worth it unless you buy a higher end model

Every single day that I pulled into the parking lot at my Toyota dealership, I took a glance at my co-workers SC430. I never thought he would give it up.

But it was everything I wanted and so much more.




Let's talk about this car for sale

2002 Lexus SC430  with  68,870 miles   Pearl White with a Saddle Interior

Why would I pay over market value??


This is the best color combination on this car BAR NONE.

Being the original year of release, Lexus over-engineered the HECK out of this car.

They took a gamble with styling and features, they had to make sure it stood the test of time.

I drove a newer model and it felt nowhere near as "visceral" as my 2002.

(It may just have been that particular car. But it was well maintained, less miles, and 5 years newer.

No dealer fees

When I sold cars for a local dealership, my rule of thumb was to add $2,500 minimum as the "out the door" price of any vehicle.

This included dealer fee, taxes, prep fees, "market fees" and anything else a dealership wants to add.

When you see an SC430 for sale by a dealership.

In this case...

Dealership price would be roughly $21,500.

These cars are not traded in by enthusiasts and collectors. This means, most that you'll find in the dealerships are "subpar" in many regards. The "extra care" that a collector would take simple is not found in the everyday SC430.

Upgraded tires from the original runflats that come with the car.

Everybody recommends to upgrade from the original runflats. The runflat tires bog the car down and were too "heavy".

They are now on Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+

These are the #1 All Season Tire according to with great reviews everywhere else.

This car will also come with a spare wheel and tire.

Tons of tread depth left on these tires.

Three owners:

1st - Older gentleman who bought it new and garage kept the car.

2nd - Sales Rep at Clearwater Toyota. Owned the car for 6 months before buying a Jeep

3rd - Me. This is my pride and joy.

Why am I selling it? Got a family and a business. No time to enjoy it and it's just not practical at this time. Hopefully I'll own another SC430 someday.

Mechanics are quoted saying “this is the cleanest SC430 i’ve ever seen”

The underside of this car is practically brand new.

It purrs like a kitten and growls when you need it.

Runs like a swiss watch.

You've seen the video at the top, you get it.

I spent months looking for a car in this condition. After I bought it, I spent months making sure that I didn't miss our on something better.

In the last year and a half, I have not ONCE run across an SC430 like this one.


Wait a minute... If this car is so amazing, why are you selling it?

I am placing this car on the market due to a few major reasons.

I have a newborn baby in this world, a business being launched, and a household to manage.

I need to invest every last penny in making my dreams a reality. Some of those pennies will come out of this car. Having had to move back into my parents house due to my daughters health complications, a luxury sports car isn't what I need at the moment.



Being in the middle of a business launch, projections are one thing and reality is another.

If projections pan out, I will be taking this car off the market and keeping this and a used SUV.


If you do buy this car...

This car is my pride and joy so please only buy if you're a serious collector or somebody who will use and enjoy the car to it's fullest. Carfax is as clean as can be. Three owners. First owner was an older gentlemen who garage kept the car for a majority of the miles. Then it was purchased by my coworker at Clearwater Toyota. He only had the car for a few months before he bought a Jeep and I bought the car. I treated it like my baby. A car that would be my prize for two decades+.

Treat this car right or ill find you    ; -)

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If you are looking for a SPORTS/TUNER CAR,


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There is room for a turbo and there are resources to tune (hard to tune but doable).

You can add probably 5-10 pounds of boost before upgrading the piston rods.

Then I am not sure from there.

Here's a Super GT Race Based on the Sc430

DAIGO SAITO - One of the best Drifters in the World

Here's one of dozens of videos of him drifting his modified SC430. There is a video that goes in depth of the process and reasons they picked the car but I can't find it :*(

Exhust Notes: (Modified Exhaust)

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