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"The High Ticket Accelerator."

for Experts, Consultants, and Course Creators

LEVERAGE your skills, charge MORE, ACQUIRE clients

Live your life on YOUR TERMS

Do you have the drive and desire to SUCCEED?

Are you ready to live the life of your DREAMS?


If you have the skills to provide a massive transformation for somebody, then it's your responsibility to do so!


With a transformation like this, you can charge a high dollar for your transformation, create online training programs, and offer consulting.


They pay more but are provided with a massive result. It's a win-win.

Do you have high value skill but aren't sure how to leverage your expertise for success?

Keep Reading.

Understand exactly how Growth by Design helps skilled consultants take their business to the next level

Why are you giving so much information here for free?

"If you're giving away your secrets,

i'll just take the information and do it myself..."

You're more than welcome to!

Take this information and run with it, IT WORKS!

In today's digital world, attention is scarce.

We believe that the best way to get attention online is through

providing value BEFORE the sale.

Our free content gives our clients the opportunity to learn, to qualify themselves, and to qualify GbD, on their own time.

We don't have the time or desire to become professionals in your industry any more than you want to become a professional in ours.

for example...

If somebody gives me an e-Book on plumbing techniques, I may use it to fix my sink and they lost business.




when I need things done right, I call those who get results. The person that taught me how to fix the simple things is the first person on my mind.

When you're ready to make this work,

Growth by Design is here!

Here's what you need to know...

"What exactly is high ticket?" you might ask. High ticket services are services provided to individuals or businesses that provide massive value at a high price. In order to justify spending money on a high ticket service, you must offer something that really taps into a clients fears or desires. The best way to offer a high ticket service is by framing them as a transformation. Solve major problems and guarantee them. There are thousands of lawn care companies, but far less ourdoor remodeling companies. Keeping a property orderly is one thing, but having a highly skilled professional draw up a design and implement a completely different look to your home is another.

Ask yourself this. What are the deep rooted reasons people use my services?

​What are the true reasons for an individual to use one service over another?

How can I tap into these answers and make sure that I can provide insane amounts of value and offer some kind of complete transformation of their fears and desires?

People pay big money for solutions. Find your solution. Find your clients. Charge the big bucks.

Creating traditional success is a three step process

1. Create a business by leveraging a market advantage

2. Grow the business over many years, hire employees to take care of the business

3. Take your hands off and have a lifelong source of unstable income

Creating success today can be far more profitable and efficient

1. Leverage your skill-sets and become a high value, transformative, reliable service for your clients

2. Develop an online customer acquisition strategy

3. Systemize the process and scale

4. Make hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars per year.

This process has changed the lives of thousands and now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.

That's all it takes to live your life as "New Rich" and never work 9-5 again

"What are you talking about?" you might ask

Let's start with some background knowledge...

first, head to the book store and read a book by Tim Ferris, "The 4-Hour Workweek"

"The 4-Hour Workweek" describes the life of the New Rich, people who’ve emancipated

themselves from the slavery of office work and built a life centered around happiness in the

here and now. If you want to lead such a life too, you’ll have to start by being more productive

and finding a source of continuous – and almost entirely passive – income.

-synopsis written by

(I outsource my reading and ideas quite often these days)

Read that book and/or follow THIS LINK and let the quotes sink in.

Now, Do Yourself a Favor...

Take a few minutes and let the rest of this section sink in.

Answer as true and honest as you can to discover whether this is right for YOU

Picture for yourself, the perfect work day.

Picture your business running exactly as you dream it.


How is the day structured? What service are you providing? How much are you making? WHO are you working for? How do you feel at the end of this work day?

Feels good to imagine, doesnt it?

It would probably feel better if it was real...


I've been busy, don't have a website, no sales process, people won't pay me for this, there aren't enough potential clients out there, the competition is too strong, worst of all...


Most you you will have more excuses than I have underwear.

I hate to break it to you, the perfect moment will never come

What if you charged a ton of money for your services

and people were still begging your services?

(Ahem, Growth by Design has your back here)

 What would hold you back from attaining your business growth goals?


How Do I Know If This is Right for ME?

As yourself a few questions:

What services do your competitors offer?

What do they charge and are they missing anything that somebody may need?

Are there any gaps in the market where people need RESULTS?

Can I provide clients with something that they won't find somewhere else?

Can my services provide a TRANSFORMATION?

Do I have the skills to provide a RESULT?

How can I guarantee this result


High Ticket Pricing

Selling your RESULTS, not your SERVICE

Our basic motivations drive us AWAY FROM FEAR and TOWARDS PLEASURE.

We are GOAL ORIENTED creatures, tap into that motivation.

You don't hire a personal trainer so that you can work out.

You hire them so you can look and feel better. You are seeking a RESULT.

How much would the right client pay for a guaranteed TRANSFORMATION?

A lot.

A transaction occurs when value EXCEEDS price.


Tap into the mindsets of your clients and you'll discover their motivations.

Discover their motivations and you can sell them any thing for any price

How MUCH COULD results be worth to the RIGHT client?

We're not talking HOURLY RATES here

remember...price doesn't matter if the value is there. What do people value?

People value convenience (think private jets and accountants)

People value RESULTS (accountants, lawyers, consultants etc.)

A thought experiment to test your High Ticket Offer,

what's the most money you could charge if you found yourself a "Lay Down"

Somebody who will take your word as gospel and will pay whatever it takes to achieve their result?

$30,000 for a complete transformation?

$10,000/mo on retainer for a few hours of your time every month?

Why would they want you on retainer?

It depends on your service and value propositions.

A couple reasons may be: they have a 24/7 direct line to a professional they can trust, certain services done every month and a guarantee from a professional (you).

It's a win-win.

You work 5 hours a month for this client for years to come

($6,000 in 1 year for them alone, $60,000 over 10 years)

They have peace of mind

Hypothetically, if you had a never ending stream of the perfect clients for your high dollar service.

Let's say we're really ramping up step 2 of the "New Rich" process.

Growth by design has you filled with these high ticket clients.


Help! Business is booming, I'm making great money,

but I can't keep with the work load! WHATS NEXT?

Step 3 - Take your Hands off the Wheel

It's time to OUTSOURCE. This doesnt mean hiring somebody from Cambodia to talk on your phones

As an Entrepreneur, you outsource anything you can and then hire employees for the rest.

You can maintain the business here, work a few hours a week, and you've got a hellova hands off income.

Keep growing this business and realize it's true POTENTIAL


Now it's time to set yourself for ease of growth and scaling your business for the long run.

Do I need assistants? specialists? salespeople? accountants? legal?

How do I train these people? Find good employees? Monitor and track progress and results?

The best thing is...

You don't have to do any of this.

Hire internal management or OUTSOURCE IT

Growth by Design will be here to drive growth... the sky is the limit.


We've found that the only TRUE thing holding clients back is MINDSET.

If lead generation and building value online was taken care of...


Let's Run a Practical Exercise

Discovering the WHY of your High Ticket Services.

Let's use Personal Training as an example here.

This is by no means a real world scenario. Use this story to understand your potential opportunities in becoming a high ticket, scalable, success.

Whether you're thinking of a transformational coaching program or an online video training program, this story may inspire you.


A typical personal trainer will charge $75/hr, GENERALLY, at client discretion. Clients have the option to show up one or twice a week. Disappear for a few months. Come back, train more often etc etc.

This leads to unpredictable income and one strained business owner.


What if...


instead of this trainer scraping by an hour at a time,


they charged $2,500 as a 6 month transformation?


they created a $997 online training program that could scale nationwide... worldwide even?

or maybe...

they only work with clients on a $1,000 monthly retainer?


That's impossible right?

Continue reading to discover what it takes to identify and sell a high ticket service.

The first step is to identify a STRONG PAIN. (maybe desire, but, believe it or not... people avoid pain far more than seek desire)


Put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience.

What pains do personal trainers solve?

Embarrassment, social pressures, energy, lifespan.

What if you have a wedding coming up in 6 months?

What would it be worth to you to look youthful, fit, and healthy as ever for the wedding?

Does your partner want the same results?

You would do anything for maximum results guaranteed.

Maybe you're ready to kick-start your life of health and wellness.

You don't want to die young. You're tired of the lack of energy, the extra fat, the difficulty of gaining muscle.

You just want it DONE.

You're tired of all the conflicting information.

You don't have the time to read up on and learn everything in the industry.


You need a strategy to kick-start this new life, and you need a strategy to keep your health going for the rest of your life.

You've tried to do it yourself, but the dedication and knowledge make it seem impossible to do alone.

How much would it be worth to TRANSFORM your life?

The Funnel

Again, picture this from the eyes of the person that "needs" this transformation.

They come across a professional on Facebook that specializes in solving exactly the problem they NEED to fix. This expert is the solution to their fears and can attain their desires.


This industry expert is offering a free e-Book for a limited time covering the everything you need to know to solve _____ (maybe diet guides, exercise guides, home routines, supplement guides, etc).


All you have to do is enter an email and the guide is on the way.


This personal trainer now has the information of a potential lead that is interested in their services and can advertise to them in the future.


They are now offered a $20 e-Book that will solve their desires one step further. Everything you will ever need to know to live a healthy life.


They think : "Wow, that's a bargain."


Maybe they buy, maybe they don't. Either way the trainer has their information and their trust.


They can now offer a service that is the COMPLETE SOLUTION to their problem.


They offer two high ticket solutions.

The first solution...

A $497 complete training program that completely encompasses their problems.

Guarantees are offered, one on one phone time with THE EXPERT etc etc.


Applying this training is all up to them. They have have all the tools now to make their own transformation.

The problem is, most people are lazy. They get busy with work and kids and they get complacent. They don't have the time or energy to do all this themselves.


They want this more than anything.

They're scared that they'll fail again.
Now its time to REALLY show them how to solve their problem.


Closing the High Ticket Offer

(apply these ideas to your industry!)



(transformation for a wedding, become a better person, lose baby having weight and stretch marks, etc etc etc etc. )

Is a transformation worth $2,500?


Maybe this client has already tried all this themselves.

They've even invested in equipment and training before.


the few hundred dollars they spent on these things is no big deal.

Losing that money without achieving results is no big deal.

A couple hundred dollars doesn't inspire accountability.


If this client paid $2,500 for the program, you can be darn sure that they'll be accountable.


The question is,

Would the right client pay $2,500 for a system that will provide him and his wife a complete life transformation?

YES! Of course they will!

Will everybody?



We don't want everybody, we want the BEST clients we can find.

The HOW.

People are more informed than ever. How becomes the next step to closing the deal.

What can this trainer provide that will justify the money that they're charging?

- You get to work with an EXPERT that will work for YOU.

- An expert in providing exactly what you need, they specialize in getting people like you from point A to point B.

- The trainer holds you ACCOUNTABLE for RESULTS

- Are you going to spend $2,500

You're ready to COMMIT to a RESULT

- You have a chance to learn the trainers industry, their skills, and their knowledge.

- You now have complete guidelines to easy meals, cheap/healthy  shopping strategies. Meal guides. Building muscle guides. Losing fat guides. Exercise at home or in the gym. Staying healthy in old age. Etc Etc.

- Personalized strategies build for YOU

They even outline a GUARANTEE!!

Payment plans are offered and certain money back guarantees are in place that

protect both the personal trainer and the client.

The trainer outlines minimum results, expected results, potential results.

Well dang, even the minimum is awesome, but I could (potential result) ?!?!?!?!

You now have what it takes to live the rest of your life healthy and well.

The lesson here is...





Reach out to us with your ideas and we may just have the insight you need to change your life.


What is "High Ticket Entrepreneur" Process?

Skilled entrepreneurs leveraging their skill-sets to provide massive results for their clients through

High Ticket Services, scalable fulfillment, scalable customer acquisition, and online course creation.

What is involved?

Charging and Justifying PREMIUM PRICES


Filling your pipeline with QUALIFIED LEADS

Developing sales scripts to weed out the scrap and convert who you WANT

How we continue to drive short term and long term SUCCESS